Selasa, 02 November 2021

Chess Analysis Move By Move: 2...Nc6 (C44: King Pawn Game, Nc6)

2...Nc6 (C44: King's Pawn Game, Nc6)

Reason to play King Pawn Game
  • White last move attack Black Pawn on e5.
  • Therefore to protect the attacked pawn, Black playing 2...Nc6.
  • By playing 2...Nc6, Black also develop b8 Knight into best starting development square.
White Responses
Why playing Ruy Lopez?
  • In the previous move, Black protect his/her Pawn on e5 by moving Knight to c6. 
  • So, White logical response is attacking the protector of Black Pawn by using Bishop to keep up the threat of winning Black e5 Pawn (although not immediately).
  • The threat of winning Black e5 Pawn is not immediately, because after 4. Bxc6 dxc6 5.Nxe5, then Black can play 5...Qd4 forking White Pawn and Knight.
  • Fork is a simultaneous attack by a single piece on two (or more) of the opponent's pieces.
  • Forking by Black Queen regain the lost material with good position.
  • Attacking Black Knight on c6 with Bishop also potentially pinning Knight to King, if Black move his/her d7 Pawn sooner or later.
  • Potentially creating double pawn for Black if 4.Bxc6 occurred.
  • Move last piece to facilitate castling on the kingside.
Why playing italian game?
  • White trying to attack Black weak pawn on f7 (only protected by Black King).
  • Move last piece to facilitate castling on the kingside.
3. d4 (C44: Scotch Game)
Why playing Scotch Game?
  • White trying to dominate the center of board. 
  • So, White lure Black to capture White Pawn on d4.
  • If Black capture White Pawn with 3...exd4, then White play 4.Nxd4 (White have one knight and one pawn in the center of board, while Black only have one pawn).
  • In amateur level, Black continue capturing White Knight with 4...Nxd4, then White play 5.Qxd4 (White have one queen and one pawn, while Black have none). 
  • Beside that, by playing Scotch Game it open way for White Bishop on c8 to move out from back rank.
3. c3 (C44: Ponziani Opening) 
Is Ponziani Good Opening?
  • White planning to establish two pawns on the center of board.
  • So, White preparing c3 pawn to protect the advancement d pawn from d2 to d4 square.
  • If Black try to capture White d pawn that have been advanced after Ponziani Opening, then c pawn capture Black pawn and shift into d4 square (result two pawns on the center of the board). 
  • By playing Ponziani Opening, White open another way for his/her Queen to come out from Back Rank. 
  • There are several trap for Black, therefore Black player should learn to response this opening properly to avoid trap. 
3. Nc3 (C46: Three Knights Game)
Is Three Knight Opening Good Opening?
  • White protect White Pawn on e4 while at the same time guard center square (d5 square). 
  • This move is quite. 
  • Quite move is move that doesn't attack or capture enemy Pawn or Pieces.
3. g3 (C44: Konstantinopolsky Opening)
Is Konstantinopolsky Opening Good Opening?
  • This move is preparation for White Bishop to Fianchetto along diagonal h1-a8. 
  • Fianchetto is put bishop on longest diagonal on the chess board.
3. Be2 (C44: Inverted Hungarian Opening)
Is Inverted Hungarian Opening Good Opening?
  • This move named Inverted Hungarian Opening because the position White Bishop on e2 resemble position Black Bishop on e7 in Hungarian Defense.
  • This move make no immediate threat to Black, therefore Black have many choice to response this move.