Kamis, 04 November 2021

Chess Analysis Move By Move: 3.Bb5 (C60: Ruy Lopez)

3.Bb5 (C60: Ruy Lopez)

Reason to play Ruy Lopez
  • In the previous move, Black protect his/her Pawn on e5 by moving Knight to c6. 
  • So, one of White logical response is attacking the protector of Black Pawn by using Bishop to keep up the threat of winning Black e5 Pawn (although not immediately).
  • The threat of winning Black e5 Pawn is not immediately, because after 4. Bxc6 dxc6 5.Nxe5, then Black can play 5...Qd4 forking White Pawn and Knight.
  • Fork is a simultaneous attack by a single piece on two (or more) of the opponent's pieces.
  • Forking by Black Queen regain the lost material with good position.
  • Attacking Black Knight on c6 with Bishop also potentially pinning Knight to King, if Black move d7 Pawn sooner or later.
  • Potentially creating double pawn for Black if 4.Bxc6 occurred.
  • Move last piece to facilitate castling on the kingside.
Black Responses
Reason to play Ruy Lopez Morphy Defense
  • Black want to know immediately about White intention in attacking Black Knight on c6. 
  • So, Black force White to reveal his/her intention by attacking Bishop and give option between exchanging Bishop for Knight or retreat from Black Pawn attack.  
  • Note, retreating Bishop to Bc4 is inferior move, because that position can be reached earlier with 3. Bc4 not with 4. Bc4. 
  • Retreating with 4. Bc4, give Black free a6 move.
  • White usually retreat to a4 to continue attacking Black Knight or capture Black Knight on c6. 
  • Morphy Defense considered main line of Ruy Lopez.
  • Main line is move or line which considered most often played by top chess players.
3...Nf6 (C65: Berlin Defense)
Reason to play Ruy Lopez Berlin Defense
  • Because White threat of winning pawn not immediately, Black choose to counter attack by attacking White Pawn on e4.
  • Berlin Defense facilitate Castling on the kingside faster than Morphy Defense, because Knight on g8 is moving sooner.
  • By playing Berlin Defense, Black developing g1 Knight into best starting development square.
3...Nd4 (C61: Bird Defense)
Reason to play Ruy Lopez Bird  Defense
  • By Playing Bird Defense, Black counter attack White Bishop on b5 square.
  • This counter attack, also attacking White Knight on f3 square and c pawn.
  • By putting Black Knight in the center square (d4 square), Black unleash full potential of his/her Black Knight.
  • The drawback of this move is potentially make double pawn on d file, if White play 4.Nxd4 and Black response with 4...exd4. 
3...d6 (C62: Old Steinitz Defense)
Reason to play Ruy Lopez Old Steinitz Defense
  • Black want to ensure that his e5 pawn is save, so Black protect it with d6 pawn.
  • Old Steinitz Defense is solid defense but passive and make Black position cramped.
  • This move open line for c8 Bishop to move out from Back Rank, but at the same time blocked f8 Bishop to move out beyond e7 square. 
  • This move give chance for White to play 4.d4 immediately to attack Black Pawn on e5. 
  • Create absolute pin to Black Knight by White Bishop. 
  • Absolute pin is position when a Pawn or Pieces cannot legally move, because it would expose King to check. 
  • There are more popular and offer Black freer position by 3...a6 then 4.d6 (Modern Steinitz Defense).
3...f5 (C63: Schliemann Defense)
Reason to play Ruy Lopez Schliemann Defense
  • Controlling the center of board is important in opening phase.
  • So, Black make a bold attempt by offering free pawn to White, in exchange for white to surrender his/her control on center of the board.
  • This move weaken Black kingside defense, because moving f-pawn which should protect Black King.
  • it is playable move for Black to be used.  
3...Ne7 (C60: Cozio Defense)
Reason to play Ruy Lopez Cozio Defense
  • Black want to avoid demerit of White potentially exchanging Bishop for Knight on c6.
  • Demerit which Black receive is double pawn on c file.
  • So, Black decided to protect his/her Knight by another Knight.
  • The drawback of this move is Black Knight on e7 Blocked Black Queen and Bishop to get out from back rank and slowed castling process.
  • Although this move has drawback, but it is good move to be used by Black.