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Chess Analysis Move By Move: 2.Nf3 (C40: King Knight Opening)

 2.Nf3 (C40: King Knight Opening)

Reason of playing King Knight Opening

  • There are several responses for White to consider, in order to obtain more advantages than Black on the opening phase of chess.
  • White choose to develop g1 knight into f3 square.
  • By developing knight into f3 square, White has developed his/her knight into best starting development square.
  • Why f3 square considered best starting development square for g1 knight?
  • The reason is 2.Nf3 give White better advantage than other moves.
  • In starting position, g1 knight only have 3 choice of moves (2.Nf3, 2.Ne2 and 2.Nh3).
  • With 2.Nf3, White immediately attacking Black Pawn on e5.
  • With. 2.Ne2, White Knight block Queen and Bishop to move out from back rank.
  • With. 2. Nh3, White Knight too passive. 
  • So, 2.Nf3 is better than 2.Ne2 and 2.Nh3.
  • By developing knight, White also preparing for castling in the kingside.
Black Responses
Reason to play King Pawn Game
  • White last move attack Black Pawn on e5.
  • Therefore to protect the attacked pawn, Black playing 2...Nc6.
  • By playing 2...Nc6, Black also develop b8 Knight into best starting development square.
2...d6 (C41: Philidor Defense)
Why play philidor defense?
  • Black try different method to protect Black Pawn on e5.
  • In The King Pawn Game Black using Knight, while in Philidor Defense Black using d Pawn.
  • The drawback using Philidor Defense is Black Pawn blocked Bishop on f8 to get out from pawn chain.
  • Pawn chain is chain formed from two or more pawn of the same color linked. In this position, the pawn chain formed by c7, d6 and e5 Pawn.
  • The advantage using Philidor Defense is Black position solid.
  • Solid position is position that have little weakness and hard to attack by enemy.
2...Nf6 (C42: Petrov Defense)
Why play Petrov Defense
  • Black try different approach to fight against White.
  • Instead defending e pawn, Black counter attack by attacking White Pawn on e4.
  • Beside that, Black also develop Knight into best starting development square.
2...Qf6 (C40: Greco Defense)
Why playing Greco Defense?
  • This is inferior move, because Black Queen using f6 square which is best starting development square for g1 Black Knight.
  • Also, it waste queen power to do job which can be done by pawn or other pieces.
  • Develop queen too early have risk of making it become object of White attack.
  • White good response to Greco Defense is 3.Nc3 (continue developing piece).
2...f6? (C40: Damiano Defence)
Damiano Defense is mistake move in chess
  • This move is mistake and must no be played.
  • White can freely capture e5 pawn by playing 3. Nxe5.
  • Note, Black cannot play 3...fxe5? because it will become another mistake. Because White will play 4. Qh5+ and check the Black King.
  • If Black play 4...g6?, then White capture pawn on e5 by 5.Qxe5+ and check the Black King again.
  • Every response from black after 5.Qxe5+ will make Black lost rook on h8.
  • If Black play 4...Ke7?, then Black lost right to castling. Then, White play 5.Qxe5+ to check Black King.
  • After that, Black only move is 5...Kf7 (this move forced because this is only available move).
  • Then, White play 6. Bc4+ and Black only move is 6...Kg6.
  • Then, White play 7. Qf5+ and Black only move is 7...Kh6.
  • Then, White play 8. d4+ (because moving pawn to d4, make discovered check by White Bishop on c1).
  • Discovered check is check occur when a player move Pawn or Pieces resulting in another Pieces putting their opponent King into check.
  • Black move is either 8...g6 (blocking check from White Bishop on c1 using Pawn) or 8...Qg5 (blocking check from White Bishop on c1 using Queen).
  • If Black move is 8...g6, then White play 9.h4 (after that every response from Black will lead to checkmate and White win).
  • After 9.h4, if Black move is 9...Kg7, then continuation play is 10.Qf7+ Kh6 11.hxg5# (Discovered checkmate by White Rook).
  • After 9.h4, if Black move is 9...Qf6, the continuation is 10. hxg5+ Kg7 11.gxf6+ Nf6 12.Bh6# (checkmate by White Bishop).
  • After 9.h4, if Black move is 9...Be7, then continuation is 10. hxg5+ Kg7 11.Qf7# (checkmate by White Queen).
  • After 9.h4, if Black move is 9...Ne7, then continuation is 10.hxg5+ Kg7 11.Qf7# (checkmate by White Queen)
  • After 9.h4, if Black move is 9...Nf6, then continuation is 10.Qxg5# (checkmate by White Queen).  
  • Black play that doesn't lost immediately is 3...Qe7.
  • Then, White play 4. Nf3 (back to previous good square for White Knight).
  • Black play 4...Qxe4+ check White King and regain lost pawn.
  • Then, White play 5.Be2 (White gain positional advantage by developing Knight, Bishop and ready to castle).