Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2021

Chess Analysis Move By Move: 1...e5 (C20: King Pawn Game)

1...e5 (C20: King Pawn Game) 

Why playing King Pawn Game?
  • Black know that White move (1.e4) is very good.
  • Therefore in order to obtain same advantages, Black literally moving same pawn (pawn in the front of king) on e7 to e5. 
  • The advantages which Black obtain are: open way for Black Queen and Bishop to move out from Back Rank, put pawn on the center of board and guard center area (d4 and f4 square).
White Responses
Why play King Knight Opening?
  • There are several responses for White to consider, in order to obtain more advantages than Black on the opening phase of chess.
  • White choose to develop g1 knight into f3 square.
  • By developing knight into f3 square, White has developed his/her knight into best starting development square.
  • Why f3 square considered best starting development square for g1 knight?
  • The reason is 2.Nf3 give White better advantage than other moves.
  • In starting position, g1 knight only have 3 choice of moves (2.Nf3, 2.Ne2 and 2.Nh3).
  • With 2.Nf3, White immediately attacking Black Pawn on e5.
  • With. 2.Ne2, White Knight block Queen and Bishop to move out from back rank.
  • With. 2. Nh3, White Knight too passive. 
  • So, 2.Nf3 is better than 2.Ne2 and 2.Nh3.
  • By developing knight, White also preparing for castling in the kingside.
2. f4 (C30: King Gambit)
  • White make bold attempt to lure Black pawn into leaving center square by offering free pawn to be captured.
  • The act of offering free material (pawn or pieces) to be captured, in order to gain position advantage called gambit.
  • In gambit, material loss is not recovered immediately.
  • If Black accepted the gambit, then black has no pawn on the center of the board.
  • If Black accepted gambit, White also can immediately play 3.d4 on next move then Bxf4 in later move (regaining material balance and pawn domination on the center of  board).
  • Black can also decline gambit (didn't capture Pawn on f4).
2.Bc4 (C23: Bishop Opening)
Why playing Bishop Opening?
  • White decide to develop Bishop from f1 to c4 square and attacking White Pawn on f7.
  • By playing Bc4, White has developed Bishop and still have a chance to play move like King Gambit (f2 to f4).
  • Black has several good choices for replying White move.
  • Black can play 2...Nf6 (Berlin Defense) or 2...Bc5 (Classical Defense).
2.Qh5 (C20: Patzer Opening)
Why play patzer opening or parham attack?
  • This move has several names (Parham Attack, Wayward Queen Attack, Danvers Opening, etc). But, in this article we will call Patzer Opening.
  • This is aggressive move, because White Queen going into Black territory early and at the same time attacking Black Pawn on e5.
  • It have shock value especially for beginner, because Queen attack look intimidating. 
  • Also it limit Black move choice of responses, because Black forced to deal with White Queen attack.
  • Although this move aggressive, but it have risk making the queen object of attack (because White Queen too early going out into Black territory).
  • Black best response to Patzer Opening probably 2...Nc3, defend against the threat and at the same time developing b8 Knight into best starting development square.
2.Bb5 (C20: Portuguese Opening)
Why playing Potuguese Opening?
  • White decide to develop Bishop into b5 square, in order to prevent Black d pawn moving immediately (moving d pawn for Black forbidden, because it will expose King to check).
  • But, Black easily counter White threat by playing 2...c6 to make Bishop threat nullified.
  • Black should not underestimate this opening and should move carefully to avoid positional disadvantage.
  • By playing Bb5, White still have a chance to play move like King Gambit (f2 to f4) with additional Bishop has developed to b5 square.
2. Qf3?! (C20: Napoleon Opening)
Why playing Napoleon Opening in Chess?
  • This is dubious move for White. 
  • Dubious move is move which is questionable. The move has some good point, but bad point greater than good point. So, this move should be avoided.  
  • White plan for Scholar's Mate (2.Qf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5?? 4.Qxf7#), but that plan easily stopped by Black. 
  • Black can play 2...Nf6 to stop the Scholar's Mate.
  • By playing Napoleon Opening, White Queen Blocked g1 knight to develop into best starting development square (f3) by Nf3.
  • By playing Napoleon Opening, White Queen come out too early and become object of attack by Black.
2. Ke2? (C20: Bongcloud Attack or Bongcloud Opening)
Why playing bongcloud attack or bongcloud opening?
  • This is mistake move. 
  • Mistake move is bad move and didn't have any good point. So, this move must not be played.
  • This move make White lost right to castling and make king exposed to attack.
  • White King blocked White Queen and Bishop to move out from Back Rank.