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Chess Analysis Move By Move - Chess Repertoire!

Chess is a board game which played by two players (player 1 = white and player 2 = Black). This game played on a chess board with 64 squares and sixteen pieces for each player. The pieces is eight pawns, two bishops, two knights, two rooks, one queen and one king.

The 64 squares is consist of eight columns (called files) and eight rows (called ranks) with each square alternate in color (color which is used is light and dark color). 

Each squares named to distinguish between them. The name of each squares is combination of file (represented by letter from a to h) and rank (represented by number 1 to 8) starting from bottom left.

For example, the name of square in the bottom left is called a1 (because it is combination of 1st file and 1st rank) and the name square in the top right is called h8 (because it is combination of 8th file and 8th rank).

For the pieces, the notation is King (K), Queen (Q), Rook (R), Bishop (B), Knight (K) and pawn usually didn't gave any special notation (although in the past pawn using letter P). So, we can write Bc5 to tell that Bishop move to c5 square or Qd4 to tell that Queen move to d4 square.

For capture notation, we use letter x. So, we can write Bxc5 to tell that Bishop capture pieces (Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook or Queen) on c5 square or Qxd4 to tell that Queen capture pieces on d4 square. 

In this article, we shall analysis each moves to better understand what the reason behind the move and create chess repertoire to organize the result of analysis.

Generally, there are three phases in a chess game: opening, middlegame and endgame.
1. Opening
In the opening, we usually aim to develop pieces as fast as possible into the center of the board (except queen and rook to avoid being targeted and trapped by enemy pieces, if they move too early into the center of the board) and castling early to put King in save position. 
2. Middlegame
In middlegame, we usually aim for tactic and use advantage of opening to win material from enemy. 
3. Endgame
In endgame, we usually aim to promoting pawn and use any advantage in middlegame to win the game.

List of moves which was analyzed until today (Sunday, 17-10-2021):
Move 1
1.e4 (B00: King Pawn Opening)
1...e5 (C20: King Pawn Game)
Move 2
2.Nf3 (C40: King Knight Opening)
2...Nc6 (C44: King Pawn Game)
2...Qf6 (C40: Greco Defense)
Move 3
3.Bb5 (C60: Ruy Lopez)
3.Nc3 (continuation from Greco Defense)
3...a6 (C77: Ruy Lopez, Morphy Defense)
3...Nf6 (C65: Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defense)
3...Ne7 (C60: Ruy Lopez, Cozio Defense)
3...f5 (C63: Ruy Lopez, schliemann Defense)
3...d6 (C62: Ruy Lopez, Old Steinitz Defense)
Move 4
4. c3 (continuation from Berlin Defense)
4. Nc3 (continuation from Cozio Defense)
4. c3 a6 (continuation from Cozio Defense)

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